An Angel of Friendship Delivered on a Sunday

Sunday morning I was sipping coffee and knitting a sock and Steve said, “there’s a package for you.”

A surprise delivery.

I opened it up and there was an unexpected gift of a Willow Tree Angel of Friendship with a lovely message. ❤️ I have her where I can see her when I’m “working” in my former dining room, now transformed into a workshop space.

Thank you, Carrie.
A friend and fellow knitter I “met” through the Woolly Thistle Knitting Buddy Program during the Pandemic.

13 thoughts on “An Angel of Friendship Delivered on a Sunday

  1. Angels make each moment of our day bright and peaceful. You are such a good friend. You are an angel for us in many ways. Knitting is a blessing in our home. All thanks to you.

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