22 thoughts on “Blue Sky Tree and Shadow

  1. Wow, Ruth, that is a great photo. The black tee outlined against the clear blue sky with the pure white snow. Outstanding!

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  3. Absolutely stunning Ruth!
    Breathtaking beauty and I can easily remember the peacefulness of the world of surrounding sound on mute.

  4. Perfect photo…The sun and blue sky are a sign of Spring. I sense that the dormant tree is getting ready to burst forth with new life.

  5. Wow, that photo is breathtaking, love the contrast between the sky and tree. Perfect shot with the reflection of the branches in that pearly white snow. Even those tiny branches at the top are so well defined. Great photo Ruth, thank you for sharing. It appears your tree is doing great! Love it!!

  6. Absolutely stunning! It reminds me of memories I had as an early teenager: Waiting for the school bus as the sky turned from black to dark blue, and marveling at a massive tree that was on the lot across from our house. Just breathing in calm in the presence of that massive tree. Thanks for nudging that memory back to the surface of my brain.

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