Real Lancashire Eccles cakes at Afternoon Tea

This week I received a package of yarn and goodies from a Woolswap knitter who lives in the UK. Amanda included a tin of Traditional English Tea and a packet of Real Lancashire Eccles Cakes with Real Butter.    She mentioned her husband likes to dip his into his tea. This afternoon I was inspired to make a tea party for one on my front porch. The Eccles cake  was delicious and went perfectly with the English Afternoon Tea. I added a drop of milk. There are three cakes left so three more tea parties on the porch.    Here’s what the bakery says on their website


The Eccles Cake is a traditional product, which is believed to have originated in the town of Eccles, approximately five miles from our bakery.

The Edmonds family recipe and method of manufacture has been handed down through generations. Our Eccles Cakes are handmade and consist of a mixture of the finest Vostizza currants, raisins, butter and sugar enclosed in a shell of flaky buttery pastry.



14 thoughts on “Real Lancashire Eccles cakes at Afternoon Tea

  1. Love your photos today – especially the “drop of milk”. Lucky you to receive such a nice packet in the post.

  2. So nice of the wool swap knitter to include something from her area for you to try. The Eccles cakes look delicious, bet you enjoyed the tea party and the Book of Afternoon Tea.

  3. Jemima Puddle Duck and Fox take a walk as guests! How delightful. Love the British tradition of afternoon tea. Always seems so civil in an increasingly uncivil world.

  4. Yum – I see the Lancashire cakes are made with real butter. Butter makes it better!

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