Marking Growth on the Kitchen Woodwork

Visiting my two families in Ohio, I noticed the pencil line markings with dates, documenting the grandkids’ growth. When my kids were young we moved around so there are no enduring pencil marks on an old door jamb showing how tall anyone was years ago and not sure why we didn’t do it in the house I’m still in now.

7 thoughts on “Marking Growth on the Kitchen Woodwork

  1. We have done this in our homes but like you, moved a lot when children were young. It is fun to note the heights and years they were recorded.

  2. The only house we stayed in for any length of time was when the grandchildren were growing up. When it came time to paint the wall that I had recorded heights on, I copied all the data onto a sheet of paper. Now I’m going to copy the data onto a board that I can mount on the wall.

  3. That is so cute, brings back memories of our own growth chart. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Cute. We also never lived in a house long enough to make this a “thing” – but love seeing families that do have this in their homes.

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