The Snowman of Portersville – Guest Blog

Our family friend Shuey has done it again. Sent photos that create a guest blog post. He’d driven his motorcycle up from Niceville Florida.

“I rode up to be a motorcycle safety volunteer for a charity bicycle event running out of Seneca, PA. It was in support of MS research and I monitored traffic at an intersection to facilitate travel for over 300 cyclists riding a 75 mile course. Weather was decent last Saturday and I think everyone had a good time. The route was quite hilly and twisty; these were serious riders.”

Last Saturday Shuey captured the Snowman after his volunteer duty was completed.

The Snowman of Portersville

The Snowman is a one-of-a-kind, 13-foot tall custom built roadside attraction originally from New Mexico. In 2013, he found his permanent home right here in Portersville, Pennsylvania.”

“If you’ve followed the blog you might remember the top post of 2012 was Shuey’s guest post of the stunning Barred Owl

5 thoughts on “The Snowman of Portersville – Guest Blog

  1. We got our wonderful Labrador retriever from Portersville. We called her “Picabo from Portersville”!

  2. He’s so darn cute, guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Great attraction, thanks for sharing Shuey!

  3. I would have to stop there for a treat. I’m going to look up Portersville on the map right now!

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