Under the Bridge

Homestead Grays Bridge, built in 1936, was formerly called the Homestead High Level Bridge. I Pulled into a parking space to shoot the underbelly Wednesday night. The blue light against the night sky. The bridge spans the Monongahela River but this part is over the Waterfront shopping area.

“It is notable as the first bridge to incorporate the Wichert Truss, which uses a quadrilateral shape over each support, into its design. This made the truss statically determinate, so that forces in the structural members could be calculated.” Wikipedia

A 2017 blog post I did of bridges going over the Monongahela shows a different view of this same bridge.

8 thoughts on “Under the Bridge

  1. Ruth – Wow!!!! That is a spectacular photo! One of your best, in my opinion! My 14-year-old grandson wants to become a mechanical engineer. I emailed the photo to him, and he loved it. He’s very impressed with the amount of engineering that went into so many common structures that we take for granted.

    • I need to study where the light source is on the bridge. Just pulled over. Got out. Shot. Back in car. No thought to it

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