A piece of knitting that’s taken hours to achieve a length, can be returned to a ball of yarn in no time at all.

Ten hours of knitting? Can be undone in less than two minutes! But if it’s necessary? Wrong size, a mistake, wrong gauge, disappointing fabric, the wrong needle and/ or wrong stitch count.

My problem was I cast on 72 stitches for one sock then promptly forgot that I did so on the second. I cast on 64 stitches, my usual number. Rip, rip, rip! 8 stitches make a difference, in this case an inch in the circumference. You want matching socks. You NEED them to match as best you can . To fit! One thing I’ve learned is it will not remedy itself if you keep going. Face it! And rip. Carefully.

You just grit your teeth and do it. don’t think too much. No groaning.

There. It’s back to a ball of yarn. Now go cast on the correct number snd reknit. About ten hours worth of knitting. Love this handdyed yarn from Knittinbro Yarns of Pennsylvania.

22 thoughts on “Unraveling

  1. Never say “Oops”. Always say “Ahh…… Interesting!”. I’m pretty sure you won’t make that mistake again.

  2. Ahh, that’s a bummer, ripping back is always frustrating, You’ll enjoy it once it’s back on the needles. Beautiful yarn and sock pattern.

  3. I like to call it good yarn economy. We knit for pleasure abd ripping out just gives us more time with favorite yarn!

  4. Yikes – I admire your attitude!! It might unravel me too! Smaller and mostly unseen mistakes I kiss up to God and say no one is perfect. 🙂

  5. Couldn’t you have finished the 72 sock, then knitted another with 72. Someone with big feet would have appreciated them. Then knit a pair of 64’s? Net savings of 10 hours. You’re welcome. dc

    • I thought of your intelligent solution. The yarn is handdyed. There is no more. Anywhere. Well, maybe someone’s closet? I could have knit a 72 stitch in a different yarn but then mismatched socks so the quandary is fit or Appearance?

      • Okay but here is another suggestion and I’m not being funny. Finish the one sock and donate it to the VA. There just might be someone who lost a foot that could have used it. Net savings 10 hours again. I’m here when you need good solid advice Ruth. dc

  6. I think I hit enter instead of post comment so here goes again. You could have finished the 72 then donated it to the VA. Someone there who has lost a foot could have used it. I’m serious. Again, a 10 hour savings plus the 2 minutes rewind. And, I’m here whenever you need good, solid, free advice. It will always be worth what you pay for it. dc

  7. I would be groaning… I once knit an entire half of a sweater in ribbing in a home ec class. All wrong. I don’t think I’ve picked up needles since. I wish the teacher had corrected me.

  8. Anyone who has knitted, crocheted, or done other yarn crafts for any decent period of time knows this pain. And you are right, the mistake won’t fix itself. Best to ignore the “sunk costs”, and just pull the stitches to start anew.

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