Autumn in the Trails Behind His House -Guest Blog

These photographs were taken by my grandson Jack, who is 14 and a high school freshman.

He told me recently he’d like to get into photography.

My advice to him was to take a lot of pictures, study them and look for the good light.

I thought he captured the feel of Autumn quite nicely.

32 thoughts on “Autumn in the Trails Behind His House -Guest Blog

  1. The compositions, especially of the first one is really wonderful. Congratulations. It must be genetic!

    • Thank you, Irene. Your photographs are excellent so that means a lot to hear you say that about Jack.

  2. Fall is my favorite season and we don’t get the colors here in Florida so thank you Jack. Ruth, maybe you can take a day off now and then as it appears the blog would be in good hands. dc

  3. Congratulations Jack, you did a fantastic job capturing all the beauty of the fall season. Loved the details on the tree trunks and blown down trees, with that vibrant pop of fall colors and water in the background. You have the talent, creativity and an eye for details. I sure hope you pursue photography classes. AWESOME WORK A++++all the way.

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