20 thoughts on “Pumpkin and Pansies

  1. Hasn’t snowed here ….well at least not on Howe Steet! brrrrrrrr yes! It has gotten cold!

  2. Reporting in from Fort Myers FL. Feels like it might snow here, 56 degrees here this morning. Brrrrrrrr! dc

  3. We had a few flurries in Highland Park. Very few actually. Some of the younger children in our families were excited. Mostly cool rain. The cool air is refreshing. I always enjoy the Fall. Lots of photo opportunities for you.

  4. We got a light dusting of snow, too, over the weekend. The grandkids brought their winter gear as I thought we would get more. But, alas, we crafted snow people from paper rather than from snow. However, I did take them outside to play with sticks in a puddle.

    • Stef I got a notice my stats are booming! And you are responsible. Wowee. I am happy to see you visiting snd catching up with my posts/ life. I’ve missed you and hope all is well with you and your family. I look forward to reading each and every good word you have taken time to write. Thank you. Have a happy Thanksgiving. Xoxo Ruth.

      • The past two months have been rather busy on the work and home fronts; but with this vacation week I am able to catch up with many of my friends, including you! 🙂 I’ve missed you, and hope to maintain regular reading once again.

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