Fomes fomentarius
(I think)

Oetzi, the 5000-year-old “Iceman” who was found in possession of this fungus(Fomes fomentarius) and perhaps used it to start fires.”

With a bit of moss on top

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Fomes fomentarius

11 thoughts on “Fomes fomentarius
(I think)

    • Not for me but “Fomes fomentarius is the Swiss army knife of the mushroom world: it has a variety of uses that are important in many different contexts. It is used by survivalists, fly fishermen, and even some hat makers. Although it isn’t edible, the mushroom is considered medicinal.”
      May 26, 2017

  1. Interesting history on the Iceman having this in his possession. Great that you were able to spot this right in your neighborhood. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Ruth, you have a great eye. I have spent hours and hours around the park, running, walking, sitting, and never noticed. Reminds me that I miss so much when I am not aware of the interesting things around me. This one is very special. I need to read more.

  3. Excellent photo, and the article was fascinating: “Iceman’s mushrooms key in Copper Age and today”

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