10 thoughts on “First Snow

  1. Beautiful picture, it would make a great postcard. Brrr 8 degrees is really cold, better bundle up tight.

  2. Really beautiful photo. Enjoy the snow from inside, especially with an 8 degree temperature.

  3. We have the same accumulation. Just finished shoveling walks. It is cold. It feels good to be outside tho. Somehow cold air seems healthy. Maybe that is just me.

  4. Such a serene scene. The temp here in southern Minnesota is in the double digits below zero. My thermometer reads -13 degrees. I believe the overnight low was around minus 20. Yes, it’s cold here.

  5. I’ve lived in California for about 46 years, but I grew up in Pittsburgh, and I remember it fondly. I love your Pittsburgh photos, and this photo in particular is really nostalgic for me. The yellow-brick home in the center of the photo is almost identical to my parents’ home on Woods Run Avenue in the North Side. It’s the home I grew up in. I really miss Pittsburgh and the North Side, although I know it’s changed a lot in the intervening decades. Also, I’m glad you pointed out that the photo was taken at 11:00 p.m. It reminded me of how bright it is in the night with all of the snow reflecting the light.

    • Thank you Ken. I’m glad the photo evoked good memories of your growing up in Pittsburgh. I appreciate your thoughtful comments.

  6. Pretty! We just got a few inches of snow last night; made everything look refreshed. (I had to wait until noon to shovel, though – was -9 this morning.) :0

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