Friday in February

It was snow on top of all the rain that froze, crunchy and slick if you had to drive or walk anywhere- the advisory said Stay Home!

Driving in snow is one thing but ice is the worst.

I was out shoveling and salting and saw the city truck clearing and treating our street, coming down a second time. A wonderful sight. Our street was always neglected, the parallel park road always cleared but not our block. That’s not the case now.

We’ve a new mayor. He says they have to do better.

I believe that they are!

Grateful for City of Pittsburgh Public Works

9 thoughts on “Friday in February

  1. Hi – glad the new mayor is doing better.
    When I was in grade school – we lived near the mayor – he was wayyyy down the road from us but our whole neighborhood was plowed firts.
    anyhow, hope you are staying warm

    • You must have some of this winter as well. We’re getting the much needed service even though the mayor isn’t a neighbor 😀 He has been doing a good job improving that department.

  2. Well, my street in Squirrel Hill has not been touched. But, I don’t plan on going anywhere, anyway.

  3. Both my kids live on the south side and their streets were really awful, and I was surprised by this. But, it was quite a job, the ice was so thick. It’s Saturday afternoon, and I’m still trapped in Braddock Hills because of the ice on my drive that I can’t get to. Beautiful, but I’m ready for spring!

    • Oh it doesn’t feel good to be trapped. Ice is the worst. This is the first year in decades my Street has been attended to.

  4. I’m with you – I’ll take snow over ice any day. Ice is just scary! We also live on a road that used to be among the last to be cleared – now we get cleared within hours after the last snowfall. Grateful!

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