Mug Shots

The title of today’s post was created by my friend Joanne in Florida . We were talking on the phone about the different types of mugs people have in their homes. Think about the clunky white mugs in a diner, sometime decorated with a single stripe near the rim. What do your mugs say about you?

One afternoon my friend Vincie made a cup of tea. She asked me “ Do you prefer a thick lipped mug or a thin lipped mug?” Hmmmmmmm. I can tell you I had to think about it. Here’s what I learned about my preferences.

When I make a cup of coffee with a paper filter in a cone, I’m choosing a thick lipped mug. When I make a cup of tea I find I’m reaching for a think lipped China mug. I’d never really thought about my preferences before she asked me. I usually choose a family picture mug in the morning.

So I asked a few friends and family, who follow the blog, to send me some photos of their mugs. Mug racks snd mug trees seem out of style although there are hundreds of stock photos of them available .

What kind of mug do you choose? Do you have matching mugs or a hodge podge, mismatched collection? thin lipped, thick lipped, white interior, or whatever is on hand?

Joanne’s six white mugs, all matching.
Joanne can’t abide a dark interior to drink from.
Joanne’s other mug with the Canadian flag
My mugs are a hodge podge mismatched collection on this shelf. There were more in the dishwasher Anna’s second grade drawing on the left, Steve’s Edvard Munch Scream, family photo mugs created by Marlene and sent as presents. There are two gifts from former students.

(Don’t put photo mugs in the dishwasher!)
My friend Vincie has used each of these mugs for a period of time. The one on the right is in use now.
Afternoon tea with a thick lipped on the left and a thin lipped on the right thanks V and G
A gift from a woolswapper representing common interest- Knitting
Special Occasion Gift mug
A thin lipped mug called a beaker.
Perfect for a hot cup of tea
Amy’s mugs with Polish Pottery, Best Grandma and her Yarn Store mug
Colleen says- Loved all the mugs on your blog Ruth. After a lot of downsizing and a little editing this is what happens here. Joanne and Katherine prefer the yellow mugs for tea and I like the Union Jack unless I’m having tomato soup and then it’s the yellow. And, you’ll never see dark in my mugs either.
I think I need a cup of tea.
Perhaps you’ll join me….

10 thoughts on “Mug Shots

  1. Very interesting post. Such different tastes in mugs. I knew my husband was very particular about mugs but didn’t know others were as well.

  2. I love you collection. I have a few mugs the kids have given me, but we prefer using glass mugs. Not sure why.

  3. What an assortment of mugs. I don’t have many given I am the only coffee and tea drinker in this house. And when others visit, I have enough. I always drink my coffee from a hefty mug with the imprint of “Minnesota Moments.” That’s a magazine I wrote for until it ceased publication. The mug reminds me of a clay flower pot (same color and shape) with a handle. I also have John Deere tractor, 2000 Minnesota State Fair and “Hot Reads for Cold Nights” mugs. Those three came from my mom’s or my father-in-law’s cupboards.

  4. My row of white mugs looks so bland next to some of these creative cupboards! I usually use the white mugs, but my other “go to” tea mug is one decorated with a red Canadian maple leaf pattern. Love peeking in those cupboards – thanks for the mug shots Ruth.

  5. Love this “photo essay”on MUGS! I’d forgotten about the mug I gave you, with the thumb-pad! Kitchen Annex===
    what a great memory!!! “Mug Shots” = a very clever title……I was expecting more genealogy, not drinking vessels!!! 🙂

  6. Love all the different styles and colors! So thoughtful of your friend to ask your preference in mug type. I prefer a thick lipped mug – feels more secure to me.

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