Horse Drawn Hearse at Allegheny Cemetery

Driving back from town I went past Allegheny Cemetery. I saw the horses and the white carriage. Their job was finished as the horses were being unhitched and loaded into the open trailer. A horse drawn hearse isn’t a sight you see often in this century.

Reminiscent of Victorian Times

“Incorporated in 1844, the Allegheny Cemetery is the sixth oldest rural cemetery in the United States. It has been expanded over the years and now encompasses 300 acres” Wikipedia

You may have seen Allegheny Cemetery in a movie – It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood or The Cemetery Club
Ellen Burstyn, Danny Aiello, Diane Ladd, Olympia Dukakis (1993)

A listing of notable burials can be found here

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  1. Beautiful. I would imagine you don’t see that often in any cemetery – thank you so much for capturing it and sharing it with us! I enjoyed the post and the links you shared – it appears to be a beautiful place to have one’s remains laid to rest for their loved ones to visit.


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