Savory Spinach Hand Pies

Hand pie– can be sweet or savory. You can hold them in your hand to eat them.

Here’s a recipe to make them .

That’s Parmesan cheese on the top of the crust. I heated them in the oven at 350 using my cast iron skillet.

Savory Spinach Hand Pies made by *

“* 350° Bakery is a small batch bakery in Pittsburgh’s southside. 350° specializes in classic scratch-made treats that take you back to childhood- flaky pies, beautiful layer cakes, fudgy brownies, sticky buns, cookie sandwiches- we’ve perfected all your favorites. We understand the importance of quality, so we start all of our baked goods with the best ingredients. We use local cage-free eggs as well as fruits and vegetables from local farms. Dairy products are local and free of hormones, and our dry ingredients are carefully sourced from local distributors. Our baked goods are made with integrity and it comes through with every bite.From the Harvie Farms Website

8 thoughts on “Savory Spinach Hand Pies

  1. I just had a flash back to law school. I used to buy one during my study break during finals most days! (Of course, at that time I was swimming a half mile every day and my primary mode of transportation was my bike! I couldn’t handle the calories today.)

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