Remembering Claes Oldenburg

A favorite with my art students, Swedish Artist Sculptor Claes Oldenburg passed 18 July 2022 at 93 years of age.

You may have seen some of his well known sculptures. They are huge!

Oldenburg also created giant soft sculptures– some of food- hamburger, cheeseburgers, ice cream cone, profiterole. He took everyday objects and created giant sculptures.

The Clothespin in Philadelphia

Batcolumn in Chicago

Spoonbridge and Cherry in Minneapolis

The Shuttlecocks in Kansas weren’t immediately embraced…..four-large-sculpture birdies placed throughout The Nelson-Atkins-Musueum-of-Arts-Green by husband and wife team Claes-Oldenburg and Coose-van-Bruggen.(d. 2009). Each birdie weighs 5500-pounds standing nearly 18-feet-tall.”

My nod to Claes Oldenburg


13 thoughts on “Remembering Claes Oldenburg

  1. Okay having a pickup truck probably wouldn’t help you trying to snag one of these! Fun to see. Dc

    • Oh no. I’ll have to do further research. Thank you Audrey. I owe you an email response. It’s coming.

    • This was the first time the big red fruit, which also acts as a fountain, had left the state since arriving in Minneapolis from Connecticut in 1988. The cherry makes a safe landing. Cherry and spoon reunited in the “Spoonbridge and Cherry” sculpture at Minneapolis’ Walker Art Center on Friday.Feb 18, 2022

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