My Sister’s Magical Trick

This photo was taken in NYC 2011 but in the mid fifties this teeny elephant assisted my sister in making me stop crying. She’d be in charge (babysitting) and I’d be sad my parents went out. She would make this elephant appear and then she’d make it fly away and disappear. I’m not sure how many times she repeated this act but I remember believing it was magic.

Don’t know who crocheted this little elephant

14 thoughts on “My Sister’s Magical Trick

  1. What a sweet little elephant and a lovely memory for you. Every child needs magic in thier lives.

  2. I don’t think your sister made the elephant disappear. I think it left on its own because it hated all the crying. When you stopped the elephant came back to play. Obviously the elephant was dressed up for a tea party. Everyone knows elephants love tea parties. Dc

  3. What a sweet memory. And amazing that you still have that little elephant. Give it a try next time you feel like crying….I bet the magic still works.

  4. What a beautiful story, so nice to remember things like this. Happy to hear that you still have the magical elephant. I’m sure the magic is still there, waiting for the right moment to appear.

  5. A great childhood memory and a very creative sister. The awesome wonders of magic for a curious audience.

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