Apple Season

Audrey of Minnesota Prairie Roots wrote a blog post featuring a favorite apple orchard and right now my sister is in Okanogsn Washington visiting our brother and she’s watching the workers bring the bins and pick the apples in the neighboring orchard.

Audrey’s query- do you have a favorite apple orchard? reminded me of one of my favorite photographs which I happened to take in an Ohio Apple Orchard

My DIL is walking between the trees with Anna and Michael. Jack was at home napping. She’s expecting Maura in November. (2008)

I hadn’t started blogging then but since then I’ve posted a lot of apples here’s a link to the tag apple of old blog posts. And even a second page of posts tagged apple you c add non see Cider making and my SIL making an apple pie. There are photos of the orchards in Washington state. And there’s a tag of apples as well with lots of apple cooking

Maura Laura Charlie snd Anna
Lynd Farm in Pataskala Ohio
Me with Anna, Charlie and Maura

13 thoughts on “Apple Season

    • Thank you Darlene. Has Amanda been to an
      orchard? 😀 I hope your books are getting into the hands of more eager readers as the school year starts.

    • What a lovely compliment! I know that photo. I just returned to see you detailed photos with recipe instructions. I know you’ve got a cookbook if you compiled them. I went and reacquainted myself with your fashion photography. You not only creative but versatile and a master in the kitchen. Good to see you today. Xoxo

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