Why is it called a Buckeye?

“….name from the whitish scar found on each brown seed. It is said to give the seed the appearance of a deer’s eye.” Link on Yellow Buckeye below

Everything about them is toxic. If you want to plant one, click here Also called a horse chestnut. It’s Ohio’s State Tree.

I took these photos in Ohio earlier in the month. I didn’t know there were different types of buckeye trees. There are several types Ohio, Yellow and California are a few.

Here’s the Yellow Buckeye on a street parallel to Laura‘s.

Charlie opens one
Buckeye Tree
2023 blog photo Ohio Buckeye Tree in Ohio Yard

If you want to make a peanut butter/chocolate candy called BUCKEYES the recipe is here

Marlene made these for Anna’s graduation party.

7 thoughts on “Why is it called a Buckeye?

  1. Very interesting! The leaves and nuts (which we call conkers) look very similar to a British Horse Chestnut, but the outer nut container looks very different. Here they are green and spikey. Children play a game with the conkers – they drill a hole through them, tie them on a string and take it in turns to hit one with another.

  2. This is interesting. I know that buckeyes are inside of a hard green ball covering. I never thought about why they are called buckeyes. Now I know. I also know for sure that I cannot eat just one peanut butter buckeye.

  3. I am familiar with buckeyes (both the plant and the confection), but didn’t know where the name came from. I learned something today!

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