Tapioca Pudding Yes or No?

Tapioca is a starch that comes from the cassava root and formed into little pearls that gives tapioca pudding its signature texture and is naturally gluten-free

Tiny pearls of tapioca starch, milk, eggs, sugar and vanilla are the ingredients. Little containers of half and half are served with the Tapioca Pudding at Grant Bar in Millvale PA. Fortunately my friend V, who was treating Steve and me to a lovely dinner, suggested we order dessert. And she reminded me of the Tapioca Pudding they feature on the menu. Being a blog follower V has read my questions about different foods and flavors. (Mushrooms, rhubarb, licorice etc) “It would make a good blog” she said. I couldn’t remember if I’d blogged it before. Tapioca reminds me of childhood. Puddings and custards don’t seem to be as popular these days .

Want to make it at home? Here’s a recipe

Dessert at Grant Bar in Millvale

20 thoughts on “Tapioca Pudding Yes or No?

  1. Looks like scrambled eggs. Not sure I’ve ever had tapioca pudding but I like all the ingredients so put me down as a definite maybe. dc

  2. In the caribbean, we have cassava cake. Cassava cake is the best substance in the world! So I imagine that tapioca must be pretty good too.

  3. Yes, love Tapioca pudding. So nice of your friend to treat you and Steve to dinner.

  4. We had tapioca at lot when i was a child. My sis ter and I called it “fish eyes and glue.”

  5. Tapioca starch is a staple food in my country, Vietnam, and is also popular in many Asian countries, particularly China, Japan, and Korea. It is well-known for its use in bubble tea, a Taiwanese beverage.

    As for tapioca pudding, it is a common and delicious treat consumed daily in our country. With the same ingredient, we can also create dishes such as noodles, puddings, and sweet delicacies.

    I am highly intrigued by your recipe and plan to try it soon. Thank you for generously sharing it!

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