21 thoughts on “Dairy Queen Yes or No?

  1. No…. I only do keto ice cream (if I have any) – but I do remember getting the one dollar banana spilts after my braces were tightened – ha
    also, I did not realize there were so many DQ locations still

  2. Yes to DQ Blizzards! As for locations – there are two of them (a 10 minute drive) in the small city we live near in Alberta. The closest DQ’s to us when we are in Arizona are a half hour drive.

  3. Takes me back to my teenage years where I spent summers in a small, rural town. Think of the movie Stand by Me. Everybody hung out at the DQ in the evenings. Root beer floats always.

  4. 100% yes. As a kid I loved the Peanut Butter Buster Parfait – but my appetite (and/or metabolism) has shrunk since then; now I’m content with a small hot fudge sundae.

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