New-to-Me Candy Bars at the Market

After I added some lunch items to my cart I headed to the checkout line. These unfamiliar candy bars caught my eye.

Just window shopping, I realized I had no idea what tastes these bars offered.

What a variety of chocolate bars at Weiland’s Market, here in Clintonville Ohio. I left with the food for lunch but without a chocolate bar. A few quick photos.

I did a little research and each link gives the individual history of the different bars.

Big Hunk has been around since the 1950s

Another midwestern favorite Sifers Valomilk made in Kansas

Twin Bing hails from Sioux City Iowa. Founded in 1923!

Idaho Spud since 1918 is the best selling candy bar in Idaho “

“The popular Idaho Spud Bar is a wonderful combination of a light cocoa flavored, soft marshmallow center drenched with a dark chocolate coating and then sprinkled with coconut (Sorry, no potato!). It was originally marketed as a “Healthful” candy bar since it is made with agar agar instead of gelatin.

“The potato shape and unique blend of ingredients appeals to both young and old, making the “Idaho Spud” one of the top selling candy bars in the Northwest, and is Idaho Candy Company’s bestselling bar. The Idaho Spud Bar has been a favorite since it was first manufactured in 1918.”

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  1. I love a good candy bar. Especially one I haven’t tried. I am partial to ones that have nuts

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