Free Take Me

Donna and I had just pulled out of the parking lot after our breakfast. I said to her “I wonder if we will see any furniture discards today.” A few years ago, (2015)we saw a pink chair on the sidewalk when we were together at the Dormont Eat ‘n Park.

We couldn’t believe it when there was a couch in the way back to her house last Friday. Of course, I pulled over and photographed it. it’s not like I go out and look for these abandoned furniture finds. They just show up!

5 thoughts on “Free Take Me

  1. Now that is a beauty and will be gone quickly. Regarding the pink chair, I believe it was put out with the hope of being taken and in fact someone did spot it but had no immediate way to take it. In an effort to give them time to arrange transportation they moved it back off the street as sort of an abandoned furniture lay away program. Just my take on it. dc

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