Reports from Joanne in St. Augustine Florida – Guest Blog

Here is what is happening with my friend Joanne in St. Augustine.

A guest blog report in gallery form.   It was actually Joanne’s  idea to post photos from friends in different locations showing what they have been doing as they shelter in place and are isolated from friends and family.  Since she has been updating me daily I’m a bit overwhelmed cause she has been doing A LOT.   Her to do list and the documentation of it is lengthy.  Here are some of the photos that tell the story of her activities in St. Augustine Florida (where my sister and I visited just last month) Thanks for sharing Joanne.  I am posting your crossword still life first.

It tells a story all by itself. She titles them Isolation Day Activities.  Here’s the gallery with her photos.  One thing I can tell you for sure is that is a lot brighter where she is than Pittsburgh PA.

These photos were taken throughout the week, not just one day. Phew!

Then she and Dan visited through a sliding glass door window

A Stack of Ironed Napkins at the Ready for Dinner Guests

NapkinsYou just never know when you’ll be glad you took the time to iron a stack of dinner napkins

I like to iron napkins and handkerchiefs.   Don’t do it very often

but I remember my mother had a bottle of water to sprinkle the wrinkled cloths to get a nice smooth finish.  Nothing like a freshly ironed pillowcase either.