4th of July Sparklers in the Backyard

We all said they don’t make sparklers like they used to when we were kids.  Isn’t that what old people say about the present state of things?

The kids had a blast running around with the dangerous  spark and flame-spewing sticks. A familiar smell of gunpowder. Smoke trails across the lawn.

Maura watches big brother Michael and his sparkler smoke trail.


6 thoughts on “4th of July Sparklers in the Backyard

  1. I have always thought that July 4th would be a great birthday but I never knew anyone personally who had that birthday…Congrats on being another year older!
    I must say though I feel sad for your mother dealing with a newborn in July before AC!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Ruth, Once again you have captured a moment in the magic of childhood—where does it go???? The wellspring of our laughter, creativity, life force…gets layered over and I stay in business helping folks peel off that lamina! Thanks for this photo. Gorgeous children (you are so blessed) in a special moment. Love and happy summer. Lois

  3. Leave it to kids to remind us what holidays are really about! I love how you captured not only motion in this photo but also expression. Look at their faces!

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