Eyeball Cake and the Happiest Birthday

Monday night Steve and I went to dinner at the Elbow Room (Pittsburgh) to celebrate his birthday.  I asked him which of his birthdays was his happiest birthday ever. “Last year!” he said.  We were out at Mark and Erika’s and the kids helped blow out the candles, eyeballs for the ophthalmologist. Laura had made the cake with the kids’ help decorating it.  James made him a shirt with his favorite cat Fred sniffing the flowers.  Mark gave him a book about Where They are Buried and Erika found some really nice summer shirts for him.  It was a fun party.  His best ever! The children really make life fun! Happy Birthday(2009) Steve.

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9 thoughts on “Eyeball Cake and the Happiest Birthday

  1. Happy Birthday Steve! Sign of Cancer the Crab, Water element, good to let your EYES water ….. for any number of reasons! 🙂
    LOVE , Erica

  2. Happy Birthday, Steve! It does look like the happiest birthday ever! Thanks for capturing it, Ruth – and sharing it.

  3. Love those eyeball candles!! Tell Steve he shares a birthday with my youngest granddaughter who turned 3 yesterday. Happy birthday, Steve.

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