Sock Monkey Signage in Museum Exhibit

From the archives.  My sister noticed I post a lot of food on the blog. It’s true. Tonight it could have been the pesto on penne and the apple plum one crust pie.    Instead I went to an old folder.   You probably didn’t know there’s  a Sock Monkey Exhibit in the Midway Village Museum in Rockford IL. Mary  and I went when we were visiting family.  The Rockford socks are no longer manufactured in Rockford but by Fox River Mills in Osage Iowa.  I have made a few sock monkeys in my day. People have feelings about Sock Monkeys.There is a convention called Sock Monkey Madness in Rockford.  They call the monkey Nelson after the man who invented the knitting machine that made the socks.

One of the displays at the Sock Monkey Exhibit

7 thoughts on “Sock Monkey Signage in Museum Exhibit

  1. Nothing wrong with food on the blog – it’s colorful and appetizing, but that is one cute sock monkey.

  2. In August when we visited Cooks Forest I saw the kits for the Fox River Mills Sock Monkeys at an old general store. I think the store was in Lucinda.

  3. Adorable! And, by now the knitting mills of the South, that closed Nelson, are closed themselves and gone abroad ….. wonder what our Sock MonKey would say about that?? Are monkeys attributed with ‘trickster” qualities????

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