My Friend Ellen Bakes

Usually cheesecakes but lots of other great stuff, too. And she made a tray of these chocolate cupcakes with tiny chocolate chips and cream cheese for the school meeting this afternoon.  So moist and flavorful.  Thanks Ellen.  She said take some home and I did! Three for the little cupcake stands my friend Joanne gave me.  One for Ray who came to fix the window and doors and one for Roberta who waited for him to come and for Steve who brought the lettuce home to go with the quesadillas.  I had already eaten mine at school but wished I had been piggy and brought another one home.   Thursday evening impromptu “dinner party”  with dessert by Ellen. click to see Ellen’s fridge


Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate chips and cream cheese
Do you remember Ellen's refrigerator with the cream cheese and beer from July 18th posting?


9 thoughts on “My Friend Ellen Bakes

  1. I love desserts and those cheesecake cupcakes look amazing – you know how much I like cheesecake.

  2. those are the best cupcakes! thanks ellen, you always outdo yourself. and, i love that cookbook underneath ruth, got it as a wedding gift!

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