My Sister’s NYC Kitchen- 20 for Dinner? No problem!

Think boat or galley! She lights the stove, strikes a wooden match.A writing book exercise-describe your first kitchen.Eat-in kitchen, heart of the home.People used to decorate with a theme.Trivets, salt & peppers to match,tea towels and canisters. A pantry.Formica counters, linoleum floors, upgradewith a roll of no-wax Congoleum.Ceramic tile squares. A single or a double sink.Now it’s granite and stainlessa glass doored fridge. Fancy lightsspotlight what’s cooking.Some people order take-out. Grab a bite, on the fly.

17 thoughts on “My Sister’s NYC Kitchen- 20 for Dinner? No problem!

  1. A writing book exercise-
    describe your first kitchen.
    Eat-in kitchen, heart of the home.
    People used to decorate with a theme.
    Trivets, salt & peppers to match,
    tea towels and canisters. A pantry.
    Formica counters, linoleum floors, upgrade
    with a roll of no-wax Congoleum.
    Ceramic tile squares. A single or a double sink.
    Now it’s granite and stainless
    a glass doored fridge. Fancy lights
    spotlight what’s cooking.
    Some people order take-out.
    Grab a bite, on the fly.

  2. I have a huge kitchen but hardly any counter space. It needs redone,but I like the oldness of it.

  3. Love it! is that a wooden floor with area rug?
    You and Mary really learned how to do things!!

  4. The first kitchen I remember was in the home I grew up in – round table in the middle, not much counterspace but room for everything that mattered. Linoleum floor. We also had a huge diningroom with a table for 25 of us to sit around to Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas or any happy gathering. I always sat at the end on a piano stool with my mom. Good memories, and it’s hard to think that 50% of my loved ones are already in Heaven.

  5. Window in the perfect spot, too. Love the sunlight shining into a kitchen. It’s the first thing I would add to my kitchen arrangement if we ever moved.

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