BLT Essential Ingredients from Local Bryant Street Market

I enjoy shopping in a smaller market. A place that isn’t an airplane hangar or cluttered with patio furniture and piles of stuff at the ends of the aisles. Just down the hill is a reopened market on Bryant Street, cleaned up and offering La Prima coffee to grind, a delicatessen case filled with all sorts of meats, cheeses and salads. Sandwiches to go. Enrico’s Biscotti. In the freezer they have Donatelli’s Italian Ravioli-mushroom, artichoke, roasted red pepper and traditional cheese. They sell Allegro Hearth Bread, fresh produce and Turner dairy items, Bob’s Red Mill grain products, spices and Chuckles . They’ve extended their hours and will deliver to your home. After my appointment I stopped in to get lunch ingredients as a friend was coming over to eat. BLT on T shouts summer to me!

Shopping list- Vine ripened tomatoes, sliced with serrated knife

Head of garden lettuce, washed and patted dry

Boar’s Head bacon slices, cooked in cast iron skillet and drained on paper towels

Hellmann’s mayo, in a glass jar

Allegro Hearth Bread, toasted in the fancy toaster V gave me for my 50th bday

Potato chips

Tahitian Vanilla Gelato, for dessert

Front porch, to sit out and eat

A summer day

A friend to share the meal.

Bryant Street Market
5901 Bryant Street
Pittsburgh PA 15206
Phone: (412) 661 8720
Hours: Mon-Fri 8 AM to 8 PM
Sat 9 AM to 7 PM
Sun 9AM to 5PM

15 thoughts on “BLT Essential Ingredients from Local Bryant Street Market

  1. Ruth, your photos are amazing, but what I love most about this blog is that you take the simple things in life and make them extraordinary. Thanks for reminding me to cherish simple moments. 🙂

  2. Great collage of a “BLT lunch”. Even though it is only 5:22 AM I feel like a BLT…headed to the fridge. What? No gelato?

  3. Lovely, from tomatoes to hammock! Appreciate the sandaled foot and the reflection in the great toaster!

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