Molasses Cookies Mystery

Sunday, a beautiful box of homemade molasses cookies was left on my doorstep.  My friend Steve brought them into the house.  The sugar on the cracked tops is the fancy kind.  I drove back from Ohio Monday night.  Ate a couple with some hot tea. Mmmmmmmmm!  Reminded me of the cookies my mother used to bake.

I have called three friends to ask if they are the one who dropped off these delicious cookies. My friend V said that another friend came to her mind when I told her I didn’t know who made them.  I called.

Wasn’t her either!

Thank you for the delicious molasses cookies.  Whoever you are.

(and then I got worried and had to look up grammar rules- whoever/whomever?? )

Most people knew I was away with the family.  But maybe they thought I was driving back Sunday night?

15 thoughts on “Molasses Cookies Mystery

  1. Well, this is far better to discover on your doorstep than the usual pennysavers and carry out menus that clutter mine. Good for you! (Your alter-ego has arrived and we’ll be commencing our tour shortly.)

  2. Maybe someone left them at the wrong house and you’re eating someone else’scookies???

  3. I adore molasses cookies. These look delish! You have some pretty great friends. Of course, you are a pretty great lady, so it’s only fitting…

    • Thanks for your good words. Turns out it was my neighbor.
      So nice. Hope the “boys” are all settled in and snuggled up together, keeping warm.

    • They were good with coffee. They were good with tea.
      I know they would be good with milK.
      Mystery solved. My neighbor saw the blog and texted me.
      So generous.

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