General Grant’s 190th Birthday Party

We have interesting friends.   Here’s a creative celebration Steve and I went to on Saturday night.  What a fun event.  Here are a few of the details. Hardtack crackers and dried black-eyed peas.  The sheet music for Tenting Tonight on the piano. Photographs and books bearing the General’s likeness.  A willingness to celebrate and have fun.  A Prantl’s cake with five candles for his rank. I made Rice Pudding after reading that it was a favorite on the Presidents’ Food Timeline.  Thanks Tim and Bernadette for being such welcoming hosts. We had a wonderful time!

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9 thoughts on “General Grant’s 190th Birthday Party

  1. Either you hang with a very patriotic bunch or they’ll go to great lengths to come up for a reason to throw a party. I’m guessing it’s the latter! No matter, it sounds like a great time.

  2. Any reason to get together with friends is a good idea. My kind of party…did I see pie?…and my kind of friends it sounds like.

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