Ohio House Front Yard

The blog has been a real family effort since I have been on vacation. My DIL drove by slowly so I could shoot the giant flag and Mustang on the lawn.  This is one of those 100+ days we had in early July.  Already we are past mid July!  Oh my.

Now it’s drought conditions around here so the lawns are more brown. The thunderstorms just don’t provide enough precipitation

General Grant’s 190th Birthday Party

We have interesting friends.   Here’s a creative celebration Steve and I went to on Saturday night.  What a fun event.  Here are a few of the details. Hardtack crackers and dried black-eyed peas.  The sheet music for Tenting Tonight on the piano. Photographs and books bearing the General’s likeness.  A willingness to celebrate and have fun.  A Prantl’s cake with five candles for his rank. I made Rice Pudding after reading that it was a favorite on the Presidents’ Food Timeline.  Thanks Tim and Bernadette for being such welcoming hosts. We had a wonderful time!

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Flags Fly at PNC Park

Happy Flag Day. Happy Birthday David.

My brother’s birthday is today. Flag Day. A legal holiday in Pennsylvania. There will be garbage pick up.  A non-holiday holiday. No special holiday meals.  I see flags and red, white and blue bunting around town. Some flags up since Memorial Day.

Here are the flags at PNC Park with the city behind!

I remember walking to the Betsy Ross House when our parents lived in Philadelphia, Mark in a stroller. Philadelphia may be the home to the first Flag Day. When I was a kid there was a piano in the classroom and we sang a lot of flag songs.