Such Expressive (and Unexpected) Taxidermy

Beware of Fox!

It’s been up on this porch roof for at least a couple of days.

I was driving to the zoo from school on Monday.

The story I heard from the guy out in front of the house next door?

The guy who lives there does demolition and probably got it from some home he was tearing down.  It is the season of demolition around the city as you know.

A photographer has no choice but to pull to the curb and shoot the scene.  Remember the days of women’s stoles with fox heads dangling and tiny paws with claws? Beady eyes?  Ugh. Wonder if they take him in if it rains?

The last book we read in 2nd grade Intervention Group was the Fantastic Mr.  Fox by Roald Dahl.

8 thoughts on “Such Expressive (and Unexpected) Taxidermy

  1. Oh, Ruth! Does this bring back memories. In one of the rooms in the two-flat’s basement, Grandpa had an old stuffed fox on an upper shelf. We kids were terrified of it for years! Granted, the pose of this one is different from the one that terrorized our childhood but, nevertheless, I cannot wait to show it to my family when I visit them later in the week. Thanks for the blast from the past!


  2. The fox and the house are color=coordinated!!! 🙂 What a nice little place! Wonder what the 2013 County Property Tax Reassesment came up with for them???


  3. That is incredible! I wonder how it will look when it snows? You’ll have to go back and take another photo in the winter.


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