Swivel Stools and Ice Cream Counter at Yetter’s in Millvale

It gets dark early these days. The interior of Yetter’s caught my eye after we parked and headed down Grant Ave to Sedgwick Street.

Steve and I were on our way to Panza Gallery for an art opening reception last Saturday night. Do you remember Millvale Days when I didn’t bring my camera and had to shoot with my phone? Well, we headed for the art opening and all I had was my phone to capture this scene at night.

Yetter’s is known for their homemade candies which you can mail order online although I must confess I have never eaten a chocolate covered potato chip. Just an old fashioned place with fresh candies and ice cream and delicious milkshakes.


7 thoughts on “Swivel Stools and Ice Cream Counter at Yetter’s in Millvale

  1. What a cool picture. I miss the days when you could climb on the stools and sip a soda.

  2. That’s not so much a photograph, Ruth, as it is a memory. WIth that lighting, it’s as if you pulled it from the recesses of our minds.

    • What a lovely comment and thought to receive as I am up and unable to fall back to sleep. Thanks John.

      Ruth E Hendricks

  3. Mmm, I love after-hours shots, and behind-the-scenes images. I have had a chocolate-covered potato chip; I thought it was just okay. If I’m going to do crunchy-salty-sweet, I much prefer a chocolate covered pretzel. Yum.

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