Setting the Table for Sunday Breakfast

The holly bush outside provide a few branches.  Photo by iPhone.

 I have 3 Christmas plates in the Naif pattern but they made it feel festive.

Menu was scrambled eggs with a bit of extra sharp Cabot cheddar, toast.  Coffee and orange juice. The tangerines looked beautiful but the taste was a bit disappointing.

Nothing fancy, simple but good. And the individual butter dishes from my elegant friend J in Omaha. They inspire me to entertain.

Filled with Irish Kerrygold Butter! You can’t go wrong with Irish butter.IMG_6397

8 thoughts on “Setting the Table for Sunday Breakfast

  1. A warm table, Ruth, perfect for a Sunday breakfast. I, too, am a fan of Cabot sharp cheddar but I have to ask. Is that a Christmas troll doll on the right side of the tree amongst the wee bears? 😉

    • Good eye John! Yes, a Christmas troll doll. Soon it will be vintage? I did not dress it up like that- it came that way. Perhaps a character out of Dickens.

      Ruth E Hendricks

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