Mac ‘n Berries by Lexi V.

Mac ‘n Berries by Lexi V.

I saw it in on a shelf in the glass door built-in cupboards this morning.  Finally  putting away some special dishes the grandkids had used their last visit.

The Mac ‘n Berries  tag on the bottom reminded me of the creator Lexi V.

I bought it from a former photography class student who took ceramics as well.

So I set a place for it on the dining room table, took a picture and cheered myself.

Setting the Table for Sunday Breakfast

The holly bush outside provide a few branches.  Photo by iPhone.

 I have 3 Christmas plates in the Naif pattern but they made it feel festive.

Menu was scrambled eggs with a bit of extra sharp Cabot cheddar, toast.  Coffee and orange juice. The tangerines looked beautiful but the taste was a bit disappointing.

Nothing fancy, simple but good. And the individual butter dishes from my elegant friend J in Omaha. They inspire me to entertain.

Filled with Irish Kerrygold Butter! You can’t go wrong with Irish butter.IMG_6397

J Sets a Colorful Table for a Spring Supper

Mexican Chicken Stew, Spring Mix Salad with Cucumbers and Feta, Greek Salad dressing made with Olive Oil and Lemon Juice, Bread and Amish Butter

and Vanilla Cake with Chocolate Espresso Frosting

Everything was delicious!

First Jelly Roll I’ve Baked in Years and a Blooming Hellebore

Filled With Homemade Four Fruit Jam- Sour Cherries, Raspberries, Gooseberries and Currants

I brought the dessert.

Otherwise Known as a Lenten Rose

These bloom in the snow and are quite beautiful.  Hellebore is a hell of a name, though. My friend is quite a gardener.

Matzoh Ball Soup and Homebaked Challah
Full Moon from my Driveway

Weekly Photo Challenge: Ready

WordPress posted the WPC this afternoon and here is an iPhone photo of the dining room table ready for guests to eat dinner. A tad grainy, soft focus, and dark and yet inviting to me and a good illustration of the weekly photo challenge: ready.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Broken

Broken Haviland China PlateI’d been counting china plates in the dining room, stacked them neatly and proceeded to drop a pillar candle on top of the stack, breaking the first plate.  Haviland.  TheRealSharon’s blogpost today reminded me of the Weekly Photo Challenge:Broken.

I pulled the broken plate out of the box I’d put it in, and set it on the table on the porch.  Added the silver and glass and napkin to complete the photo.

Just to give you an idea of the varied responses from fellow bloggers………. click on the blue link to see photos

-Several bloggers thought Washington D.C. when they thought of broken.

-A Père La Chaise Cemetery ruin photograph  by Isabelle

-An excellent post by Theresa at Thirdhandart is a photo of the broken levees along the Missouri River.

This is only the second time I have responded to the weekly photo challenge but it’s a challenge and I like that!

Four Fruits for Brunch

Shot this with my Canon 50D and 24-70mm EL series lens. Didn't think the iPhone could do it justice.

Mary and I were entertained for a delicious brunch where this fruit was served (with a side of pancakes and bacon) but doesn’t this look healthy?Seeds or seedless,

skins or peel?
Raspberries are my favorite.
Poached pears, a baked apple.
Fruit cup, fruit cake, dried fruit,
fruit bowl. fruit salad.
Fruit of the vine. Fruit tree.
Fruit roll-up, fruit tart.
Fruit Loops? Fruit flies.
Fruit.  Just plain fruit.

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