The Whole Family is Getting in on this Guest Blog Thing

\The number of Jelly Beans in the Jar is _______ so Gloria came in as the winner tonight as she guessed _______and didn’t go over the total amount.  

Thanks everyone for looking and guessing. 


This is a team effort.  Blogging through a four year olds eyes. Could that be a stylus at the foot of the mat on the left?photo-19

I’m on the left and Maura asleep on my iPad  on the right.  You can see the computer hinged lid. Maybe an iPad, too.

(corrected by Maura, what is really happening in the picture she drew)

Here’s a photo I received from my DIL on Thursday.   My youngest granddaughter Maura (4) drew a picture.  There is another version where we have ears, and I mean EARS!!!   Maybe I’l lost that one, too.

When I visit in Ohio, I sleep on a  mat in Maura’s room. She gets her Hello Kitty Sleeping bag and camps out, too.

So she drew herself sleeping  on the right, while old Grandma(me) is next to her on the left,  BLOGGING on the computer!  She always says, “you can do the blog in my room.”

It is cool that everyone wants to contribute to the effort.  Thanks supportive Family!!


Ma/Grandma Ruthie

10 thoughts on “The Whole Family is Getting in on this Guest Blog Thing

  1. Maura wants to correct you. She said she is playing your iPad while you are on the computer. Anna wants to know what you
    Are wearing.

  2. It is cool, Ruth. Very cool! And such an artist! Maura must be very talented if she can produce such a beautiful masterpiece and still find time to have her nails done.

  3. Aw, I continue to love how your family wants to contribute to your blog – now even the wee ones! So fun. 🙂

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