Making Good Use of the Grapefruit Knife

The last of the Christmas gifts of fruit.

Starting the day off with refreshing citrus-  Ruby Red Grapefruit from Texas.

I don’t use it often, but dug out the old grapefruit knife to loosen the sections. The best part is squeezing all the juice into the spoon at the end.



Red grapefruit

11 thoughts on “Making Good Use of the Grapefruit Knife

  1. Yummy- years ago I would sprinkle Grand Marnier Liquor on it , a bit of brown sugar and pop them under the broiler..Ahhh more memories !


    • Aww that very thing happened just Sunday when my friend came to breakfast. I hadn’t known about it before and now twice in just a few days of each other. Sorry to make your mouth water.


  2. Adding a little bit of sugar to the ’empty’ half before squeezing juice into the spoon . . . one of the best treats ever! The pic is indeed mouth watering to behold!


  3. Lovely. My FIL has a special grapefruit knife and spoon for just such a purpose. He likes to put brown sugar on his, then microwave it for 60 seconds. I never saw it prepared that way before.


    • Sounds interesting. I wonder if the brown sugar enhances the natural taste or takes over?
      I’ve heard of the broiling them. I like my room temperature or a slight chill.


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