Nobody Walks

Abba Used Cars

ABBA II Used Cars in McKees Rocks Pennsylvania-  Nobody Walks? But where are the cars?  Seems a lot of people aren’t getting the ABBA connection either. So I am editing and leaving these questions for the viewer.  No one noticed the lot was empty although it was apparent to me when I took the shot and it made me laugh.


1/28/14 Tuesday Afternoon

crop abba

11 thoughts on “Nobody Walks

  1. hahahah! Great one Ruth! I wouldn’t walk either if I lived there but mind you, when it’s so hot here, I wouldn’t mind jumping into that photo and go and lie down in the snow. Love Abba’s music. It seems the used car dealers like them too. 😀

    • Thanks Sophia. Seems a lot of people aren’t getting the ABBA connection. You’re extreme hot, we’re extreme cold. Thanks for coming by and listening to the music and enjoying the scene. xxoo

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