Leftovers – Love ’em or Heave ’em?

-or save them first and then heave them after they get a bit furry in the fridge.

Or eat them cause you feel it a duty, but not enjoy them wholeheartedly?

How do you feel about leftovers?  Does it depend on the type of food saved?

Today as I drove home after school, I thought about the spaghetti sauce in the fridge and although freshly made pasta is preferable, warming up a bowl of leftovers with hot sauce poured over top was incredibly satisfying.

A little fresh grated cheese.  Mmmm.  Eating my way through winter…………..

Didn’t have to start a meal from scratch and it was a relief to know it was there waiting on a shelf in the refrigerator. I looked forward to eating it again.

I thought the spaghetti sauce tasted even better today.

Some people don’t enjoy leftovers or being served leftovers for supper.

And true, certain dishes are better than others in the leftover department. Chili seems to improve, the flavors marry as they say.

I know I have wrapped things up and put them away or I have saved food in a little plastic container and forgotten all about it and then when I unearth it, it’s inedible and needs to be pitched.  Storing in clear glass is key to seeing what is there to eat.

Does gender make a difference in leftover preference?  Do you have a limit as to how long you will keep a dish?

When I did some research on leftovers I found an article about how Americans waste about twenty pounds of food each month. Yikes, that seems like a lot and is a disgusting statistic. So wasteful.

Growing up you were encouraged to consume everything and clean your plate. My mother had a book as a child The Sunny/ Sulky Book and one of the  naughty kids (the book could be turned upside down to read about the good children)  always took more on his plate than he could eat.  One night he was visited by a Fairy-Eat-It-All in a dream and given a spoon to consume the mountain of food he had wasted.  Eyes bigger than his stomach situation I guess.

A moral tale.

spaghetti sauce

One time I posted how to revive a piece of leftover cake 


11 thoughts on “Leftovers – Love ’em or Heave ’em?

  1. We enjoy leftovers – especially of chili and certain crockpot meals. (and some pasta!!) However, if leftovers are frozen and then defrosted, I cannot seem to serve it up – and most times it becomes doggy chow. lol – but what a fun question and nice post!!

    • Thanks Yvette. It was something that come to mind, as I didn’t have to do anything much to eat a nice supper last night.

  2. Very few left overs get thrown away here. I am still learning to just cook for 2, but its hard. It all gets eaten.

  3. I don’t mind leftovers, often saucy dishes taste much better the next day. I usually reinvent our leftovers so they are completely different!
    We used to add milk to left over cake as kids, usually had it for breakfast on special occasions!

  4. i don’t have a problem with leftovers, Ruth, an I can point to 2 reasons why. First off, I am terrible at figuring portion size. I could probably feed 3 people with what I fix for my dinner, no problem. Secondly, I’m cheap! I am not going to throw good food away. 🙂

  5. Since I nearly always end up cooking for one, I have a perpetual army of leftovers in my fridge. So I just pack ’em up for lunches, and/or use them as a dinner meal on nights when I’m rushed. They don’t bother me at all. 🙂 What I WON’T do is create a surplus of leftovers/food; the frugal gal inside of me experiences literal pain when I have to toss something that could have been useful.

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