Baking Wedding Cookies in all the Family Kitchens

Forget about the number in the series of the wedding cookies posts.

It’s an all out family effort!

These photos just in (thank you Marlene)  from multiple sources and family members baking cookies for Vicci and Ben’s Wedding this Saturday.

Everyone in Pittsburgh is baking. -including cousin Jaclyn’s St. Bernard Floyd in his Steeler’s apron and oven mitt

What’s your favorite cookie?

Will be sure to photograph the wedding cookie tables and post.  If you live in another part of the world, be sure to read about Pittsburgh Wedding Cookie Table Traditions in this article by Amy Rosen   In Pittsburgh, the wedding cookie table is a peculiar and wonderful local tradition

or this one in the New York Times  In Pittsburgh, It’s ‘I Do’ and Pass the Cookies by Ron Lieber




9 thoughts on “Baking Wedding Cookies in all the Family Kitchens

  1. There can’t be any sugar and flour left in the stores!! These all look wonderful! What a huge group effort!!!

  2. Hmmmmm…that looks sooo delicious Ruth! I wish all of you could come over here and make my kitchen warm to drive this cold away. Afterwards we can all have tea/coffee and cookies. Are there cookies with caramel fillings? I love caramel. LOL!

    Great shots and post hon. 😀

  3. How many cookies will be made in total?

    My favorites: oatmeal-chocolate-chip; molasses; ginger; chocolate with peanut-butter chips. Mmm….

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