Dog Action and Kids Laughing in the Back Seat

We had a nice time at North Star for dinner and Jeni’s Ice Cream for dessert. Then we went back to Laura and James’ and the kids played with Penny in the backyard.




Penny made a good catch

soccer dog



soccer dog 2



Then we went to pick up Anna at a birthday party and while I was waiting in the van at sunset, I put the camera between the seats and caught them looking at a funny clip of a video Laura had posted of a kid who wasn’t thrilled about going to Disneyland.






laughing in the back seat

6 thoughts on “Dog Action and Kids Laughing in the Back Seat

  1. How fast the kids are growing. Thanks for keeping us all posted with their antics. They are so beautiful, grandma! You must be so proud of your family! Technologically adept like you!

    • Thanks for the blog visit and your comment, Marianne. Those kids are definitely adept at technology.
      They are fun to be with, that is for sure. Thinking of you.

  2. I love seeing animals and kids playing together. What fun for everyone! A joy-filled summer scene – makes me smile!

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