Weekly Photo Challenge: Signs (and more Signs)

Who knew that I must photograph every sign I encounter?

The trick is to cull the signs and show the most interesting.

BUT I am astounded at how I am attracted to them.

As I kept exporting the variety of signs from different locales, I remembered my travels and who I was with and what we were doing.

Just being out and about I see a ton of signs.

I am going to me more mindful of my capturing them and figuring out why I press the shutter button.

Guess I read them and document what I read.

A sampling of signs-

block drug store sign

washing building sign
New York City
do not pour grease
Columbus Auto Show
childrens life jackets signs
Staten Island Ferry Signs
Pittsburgh PA
LEGO sign
Rockefeller Center NYC

Canton Barber Shop

Chinatown New York City

keys made

Greenwich Village NYC

handwritng sign

Coney Island NY Sign

rilke Spring sign

Brooklyn Botanic Garden

breathing relax sign

studio 55 Columbus
Studio 55 Columbus OH
heinz ketchup sign
Pittsburgh PA
Toynbee Tiles sign
A Toynbee Tile on the street in Pittsburgh PA
caffe roma
New York City

17 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Signs (and more Signs)

  1. I love the key mosaic on the key sign. How boring life would be without signs. Never thought about how important they are before this blog post.

  2. What a collection, I think many people are drawn to photographing signs, I have quite a few. I love your Laundromat shot and think it would be even better in black and white, it has a timeless feel and loads of atmosphere.

    • Thanks Gilly for taking time to look at the signs and will take your suggestion and try the laundromat one in b&w.

  3. Absolutely love your collection of signs. As Lucid Gypsy said, what a collection. Electric signs, chalkboard signs, paper signs… I like the Heinz-tomato sauce one a lot. We love Heinz tomato sauce a lot here in Australia, but we don’t have a sign like that dedicated to the sauce 🙂

    • Thanks got your visit and good words today. The Heinz factory is in Pittsburgh but they make the ketchup in Ohio

  4. My favourite sign is the one that says “hand-writing reveals your character.” I love how it shows its age with the paint wearing away 🙂

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