Raindrops on Fall Leaves

raindrops on autumn lead

When I came home from school on Friday, I found the unraked leaves with raindrops on the undersides of some of them. I saw the orange tree leaves glowing like embers, with the water drops at their tips.

My driveway needs to be raked.

But if it were raked, I would have missed these jewels.

The heart shaped leaves are from the Eastern Redbud tree. 
Here is an updated article from Happy DIY Home about the care for your Redbud trees.

raindrops on leaves




the fronts of the leaves are wet all  over.  The backs of the leaves,  the water beads up.


Below, a single leaf on the Eastern Redbud that Ginny planted as a memorial to my parents.  A lone water drip at the tip.

Redbud Leaf

17 thoughts on “Raindrops on Fall Leaves

  1. Beautifully captured, Ruth. I, too, planted an Eastern Redbud on my parents’ property before their home. It, along with the bulbs I planted around its base, blooms every Spring. 🙂

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