Taillights, Headlights and Raindrops Catch Light

I got to be the passenger Wednesday night.

So many lights to capture in the night.

The bright light top left is on the new TRYP Hotel, (perhaps from their rooftop restaurant I read about? )

Just left the 40th Street Bridge in Lawrenceville

Becky B inspired the #JanuaryLight challenge


Parts Unknown

Out of this world gallery inspired by Ben Huberman at WordPress


Sculpture Court Puddle Reflections

With raindrops.


Wet pavement and textured concrete.







Through the museum window









Trying to find attribution to sculpture court artwork is challenging on the CMOA website.


Monday afternoon

We need rain but it’s coming so fast and furious on Tuesday, it’s running off and forming problems on  roadways, causing flooding in some areas.


In context.  Sculpture Court Carnegie Museum of Art.







Raindrops on Fall Leaves

raindrops on autumn lead

When I came home from school on Friday, I found the unraked leaves with raindrops on the undersides of some of them. I saw the orange tree leaves glowing like embers, with the water drops at their tips.

My driveway needs to be raked.

But if it were raked, I would have missed these jewels.

The heart shaped leaves are from the Eastern Redbud tree. 

raindrops on leaves




the fronts of the leaves are wet all  over.  The backs of the leaves,  the water beads up.


Below, a single leaf on the Eastern Redbud that Ginny planted as a memorial to my parents.  A lone water drip at the tip.

Redbud Leaf

April Showers

“Pansies in soft April rains

Fill their stalks with honeyed sap

Drawn from Earth’s prolific lap.”

Bayard Taylor 1825-1875 Buried in Kennett Square PA

April Showers

The weight of the raindrops
bent the Pansy’s face to the ground.
Petals like velvet.

Raindrops on Lily in Dorothy’s Garden

The gray and rain prevented me from photographing  all of Dorothy’s beautiful garden for her family. She tended it so well.   The blueberries ripening, a giant broccoli ready to cut.  New lettuces. And the tomatoes have really shot up.  As I was leaving, the vibrant orange stood out amongst the greens. I am certain there is a special name for this flower. Dorothy kept the tags and seed packets of what she planted in her garden, for future reference,

Giant orange lily with swollen raindrops sitting on the petals.
Just after it had rained.

Celebration of the Life of Dorothy H. Holley – 6 o’clock Friday night- Calvary Church in Shadyside, Corner of Walnut and Shady Ave.