Looked Like Art to Me

Steve received a gift box of apples from a former colleague.  When he opened the box and placed it on the kitchen table, it looked like art to me. Found art?

Idared, Empire, Golden Delcious, and Winesap.  An orchard from New York.

(my knitted scarf at the bottom, I’d just come home late from school due to my photographing the Winter Concert.)


10 thoughts on “Looked Like Art to Me

  1. Why does this remind me of a Sudoku [spelling] puzzle, which I am unable to do??? I could eat the apples, tho! 🙂 A NEW YORK ORCHARD, not to be upset by fracking!!!!!! Go New York!!! Go, Ruth!!!

  2. art indeed – mmm and mmm too! and what a great gift Ruth ! I am actually putting some fruit on the plates I share this year – and maybe some nuts –
    wel have a good day and I like the down view – 🙂

  3. I could definitely see this hanging in a gallery. I have never heard of Idared or Winesap apples – how did they taste?

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