Winter City


Just the tips of the top of the PPG building, reminded me of a sandcastle at the beach.



And up over the hill, the rest of the skyline.

You can see the barge lane in the middle of the icy Monongahela River. Don’t let the blue sky fool you, it was really cold.


A panorama taken with the Sony Mirrorless camera. First time I used this feature.



This was actually the first shot Monday afternoon as I pulled out of the school lot.

First time the sun had shown itself in awhile.

6 thoughts on “Winter City

  1. Yuck! – nice pictures though. We’re on our way up from Florida – oh well – cold weather here we come!

  2. You are introducing me to the “Barge Lane!” “Sand Castle” photo is great! – or maybe I should say your imagination!!!!

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