Snowstorm Softens Skyline Edges in 2015 and in 2010

Self-assignment:  Return to the same place and take another photograph.

Did you ever see two photographs where you are to spot the differences?

IMG_7578Photographed February 2015

img_8139Photographed December 2010 Where the Rivers Meet   (note the Christmas Tree at the Point)

14 thoughts on “Snowstorm Softens Skyline Edges in 2015 and in 2010

  1. Interesting photos Ruth. Coincidentally, I was about to do a post also on spot the difference – I used to love those little pictures in magazines where you had to find a number of differences 🙂

  2. Lovely idea. I revisit nature and rural landscapes through the seasons, but I must also start this for urban and city scapes. Cool photos.

    • Well said, Eva. You summed it up. Damn cold and GRAY GRAY GRAY. Brrrr. Thanks for your visit and astute comment today.

  3. Wow – impressive to see that 5 years hasn’t made a ton of difference to the city skyline. That’s a rarity these days.

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