Hidden Picture in the School Parking Lot Pile of Asphalt

The result of an enthusiastic snow plower.

A pile of asphalt chunks by where I parked.

I photographed it as I was getting ready to head home this afternoon

Can you find the “puppy”? and the “smiling face”?  

Puppy Hidden picture

Like a sculpture garden as I made my way into school this morning

Cinderblock in the Snow

Cinderblock in the snow

and how the school looked through my impressionistic windshield-

on my way home

Impressionistic windshield

9 thoughts on “Hidden Picture in the School Parking Lot Pile of Asphalt

  1. I think the infrastructure needs some work – enjoy your day off Ruth E – stay safe!

  2. Amazing how that white puppy shows up with the white paws and the black ears – after being made aware of it, of course. The smiley face, too! Hope you enjoyed your last snow day!

  3. Good for you for making lemonade out of lemons Ruth! Puppy and smiling face are quite obvious when you look for,them! And love your Impressionism!! Come on spring!

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